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RHM Packaging ApS helps companies with everything in industrial packaging.


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RHM Packaging ApS handle many different tasks within the area of industrial packaging.

From stretch hood machines over shrink systems to stretch film machines, we offer a wide range of products and services that are adapted to a wide range of industries.






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Pack your products with a stretch hood machine, serviced by RHM Packaging ApS

– and we guarantee lower costs.

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We are dedicated to service of packaging machines. With the end result, that they provide high quality packaging that increases the customer’s efficiency and profitability.

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An older stretch hood machine can be modernized to meet the current requirements of a modern company, and provide a stable packaging line.

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We take care of everything…

… and ensure that your machines run well.


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Spare parts

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Example of Machines we handle


Stretch hood

Stretch hood  is a stretchable foil used for packaging and securing goods on pallets. Stretch hood  is applied without the use of heat, unlike shrink wrap. Stretch hood can only be applied mechanically, with stretch hood machines.

The advantage of stretch hood compared to shrink wrap is the packaging without heat – therefore with less energy and thinner foil, that gives a lower raw material consumption.

Shrink wrap machines

Shrink systems are used for packaging and securing goods on pallets.
The shrink folie is inflated and then applied over the item. When the shrink folie heats up, it contracts.
This way, the goods are attached to the pallet. Shrink packaging provides good load stability.


Let’s make things happen.

Part of our concept is that we adapt the date and time of service to the needs of your company. We are on-site when it fits into your production.


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