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Renovation and conversion of stretch hoods, crimping machines and packaging machines.

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Modernization and conversion of hood stretches, crimping machines and stretch wrapping machines.

When a machine has been in operation for many years, when it has been continuously loaded and may even have been working in a harsh environment, it is impossible to avoid unforeseen production stoppages.
In addition to the normal wear parts on such systems, the structure and other stationary parts are also under load. Then even good maintenance can secure you against downtime.
Machines that are particularly stressed or operated in a harsh environment have only a certain service life. However, the service life is difficult to predict and it often requires a visual review, performed by professionals who, with operating experience and knowledge of historical errors, can assess the actual risk and thus offer a real and life-extending solution.

Common to all our conversion types is that one or several main components in the machine are either replaced or significantly modified.
We also use the word “retrofit” about some of the conversions. In the word lies the meaning; to make old new again. It briefly and accurately describes a large part of our conversions.

Of course, we also offer conversions in other respects.
It can be small as well as large conversions that create the value you are looking for.
We offer to rebuild smaller parts of the system to exactly your wishes or established needs. For example, improving measures on functions, speed or the operation of the system.

Depending on the type of conversion, you can look forward to savings, reliability, less wear, fewer spare parts, longer service life and not at least a reliable partner with more than 30 years of experience.
We can turn your ideas and wishes into a solution with maximum benefit for you and your production.
A conversion is a good and more cost-effective alternative to a new machine. Delivery time is usually shorter, however, the warranty is the same, the price is significantly lower and things remain overall as they always have been.
In addition, you do not have to do any new basic training for your employees, nor is it necessary to bring in other external people to the project – we can do it all!
A conversion can in most cases mean greater safety, less consumption, extended service life, fewer spare parts and easier maintenance.

All in all, a WIN-WIN solution as an alternative to a new machine.

You decide whether your machine should have 3-5 or 10 years longer lifetime. Just as you can help decide how long a guarantee we must provide on the conversion.

We offer solutions in different price ranges for different purposes. All with your needs in mind.
Depending on your investment plans, renewal, expansion or closure, we have a suitable solution.
In most cases, we can also offer something that will immediately bring you value.


Retrofit of stretch hood

Needs analysis

We examine your needs in consultation with you.
We advise you and find the right solution in your particular case.
We are happy to visit you so we can look at the possibilities together.


Analysis of systems

We look at different parameters in your production pattern with you, to find the best installation and run-in process.
We make a proposal for an assembly and run-in plan which makes the best sense for you in terms of downtime, crew and re-run.
This way, you get  a summary schedule before we get started with the rebuilding.



We prepare a specific and descriptive offer according to your wishes and with the degree of security you want.



Upon completion of the remodel, the necessary staff will be taught the new initiatives. This at both operator level and maintenance level.



The conversion is reviewed and completed in cooperation with you.
A takeover protocol is signed, and the agreed warranty period also takes effect.



The case is closed and calculated after the agreement.
We ensure follow-ups and ensure that you are not left alone with the new equipment.


Modernization of stretch hood

We make remodeling projects according to the customer’s wishes and needs.
Among other things, we can make the following improvements on older machines.

Opening system

A good and stable opening is a essential for success in the subsequent process.
It is possible to improve the wrapping flow by rebuilding the machines opening system.


The frame is the most important, most exposed, critical and most heavily stressed component. Therefore, it is possible that the machine may benefit from a new frame.


The brain in any machine. The control creates operational stability, efficiency and easy operation. If you have an older machine, it can be useful to improve the control.

Gripper system

Changing the gripper system on a stretch hood machine is a popular retrofit. Foil is a living material and it requires sensitive treatment, technology and knowledge.


“Renovation can often give the customer savings, as a refurbished machine can run with a smaller and thinner foil.”

René Hansen

Head of Technic and Development

Let’s make things happen.

Part of our concept is that we adapt the date and time of the conversion to the needs of your company. We will be there when it fits into your production.


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Account Manager
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