Is the transport protection important for you? If the investment budget cannot allow a “NEW-investment”, then we also have a solution for you, with a used machine for the purpose.

Used machines is of course not always easy to handle, and it can be anything from the 90s and until today. The price is an express for the condition and the quality. We would recommend, that you let us handle the complete packaging line with a service / spare parts agreement, so that you can be assured of a stable flow in your production.

If you need a used machine, we will find an optimal solution together. Do not hesitate to contact us, and let us explain your options.

What about the old packaging machine?

What do we do with the old Stretch / Shrink Hood machine?

Let RHM ApS buy the old machine together with an eventual new machine contract. We give you the right price, and ensures you that a new machine will be implemented as on your requests.

Avoid unnecessary issues or concerns, and let us take care of the whole project – so you can focus on one thing: Your products / production!

Do not hesitate to contact us and let our sales and project team assist you in finding the best solution at the best price level!