RHM ApS is pleased to introduce you a Stretch Hood machine in the way it should be. Let our technologies benefit you and your business.
Our packaging machine provides unique possibilities, that through common sense and strong relationships, we are able to present a new and cheaper way to pack your products.

RHM Inter Flex offers a solution, which indirectly helps to protect our environment. We use a total solution all the way through, to save energy resources. This solution is of course also visible on the annual operating budget.

TIP: More products through the machine, the less consumption!

Our Sales Manager, René Hansen, will be pleased to arrange a meeting with you to show the fully potential of our packaging machine.

Pack it with Stretch Hood

Pack your pallets with stretch Hood technology. We will be pleased to show you why!

If you compare Stretch Hood with Shrink Hood, you will discover many advantages. That includes many savings on the annual operating budget, savings on the maintenance budget and a much more effective packaging-line.

With a possible conversion from Stretch Wrap / Shrink Hood and into Stretch Hood Packaging line, we can show you the potential amount to be saved - these savings are individual and depending on several factors.

Let us tell you about it!

Low cost, high stability

That is exactly what you get.. High load stability, but low expenses to packaging material and operating budget.
Why not?