An Automatic Packaging Machine can be many different machines within the packaging industry.
At RHM, the InterFlex is all about securing your products packed on pallets.
Stretch Hood machines have existed in the market for many years, and the trend in recent years has been point in one direction. That direction, have we not chosen to follow, but why?

We have chosen to focus on other values that should be the key values in an ideal world. We know that
we are far from the ideal world, but why not make an attempt by making energy optimization, efficiency, material reduction etc., and at the same time, save on the operating and repair budget!

Using technologies from ex. SEW, it has become possible to reduce the energy consumption as much the numbers are significant and a great help to our climate. We removed all air components, so that
you do not need a large capacity air supply around the area of your production – Just one of the ways to save a lot of energy at your packaging line.

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Cover your pallets with Stretch Hood

We know that it can be difficult to see the end-result of a conversion (Shrink  Stretch) of your present packaging-line/system, if you take a look at the example below, it might make it more clear for you.

-The example is from Germany, performed by RHM via a complete packaging solution including film and machinery

The customer had an automatic Shrink Hood machine, where it was necessary to use other materials -metal bands, carton and extra film pieces – to maintain transport stability and avoid internal moisture and water.

Our conversion solution and many years of expertise resulted in;