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Latest News

NEW STRETCH AREA (4/26/2015) - From the 27th of april, the RHM overtakes the total Frank Bruhn ApS Stretch Hood area. This means every customer, that has been served from Frank Bruhn, now will be served from RH Montagetechnik ApS. We ensure you, that this will not effect our partnership. The only thing for you to do, is to follow...
New Homepage (4/15/2015) - Thank you for looking at our new homepage! We are pleased to introduce you our new homepage, and feel free to surf around. We suggest you to look at our machine element, to get an image of our ways to think technology! Enjoy..
Production and locations (3/23/2015) - New location and production start up! In 2014 a new production company was founded from RH Montagetechnik ApS. At the same time, the RHM moved into a new location in Rinkenæs at Sejrsvej. In our new place, we were able to install and introduce our customers for old machines and our new machine concept. Inside...
InterFlex delivered! (3/16/2015) - The brand new developed RHM InterFlex, comes with brand new technology! If you are ready to help the environment, and save money on every packaging cycle, we would be pleased to show you how. In November 2014 the RHM delivered the new Stretch Hood machine to YARA in Helsingborg. At the production site in Helsingborg...

About RH Montagetechnik Aps

The RHM has more than 20 years of experience in packaging solutions.To tranport any kind of products packed on pallets, you need to secure the products for transportation.
That is exactly our passion...
So just let us secure your products. Through our experience, we are able to get higher stability with much

lower packaging costs!


Lowering energy costs

With our stretch hood pallet machine, we aim to lower the co2 impact on the the environment.

Furthermore the energy efficiency improvement will lower the amount of energy consumed per pallet wrapped.